Wildlife Photography Exhibit

The society is planning a new exhibit at the Ladysmith Museum – its the first of our Natural heritage series. The Predators: Bear, Cougar, Wolf, Wolverine.

As part of the exhibit, our upstairs gallery will feature a Wildlife Photo show featuring images of wildlife – this can include birds, bugs, as well as mammals, with the stipulation being that they can be found on the east coast of Vancouver Island island. (our community is central-south island).

Trumpeter swans in Cedar. Photo: Nick LongoDigital images on a slide show and prints will be displayed. We ask that you submit one of each species (ie: don’t send 10 photos of hummingbirds, just pick one), there’s no limit and no fee.

If you wish to sell any of your images we ask that 25% commission goes to the Ladysmith Historical Society, a non-profit society that operates the Ladysmith Museum, Ladysmith Archives and the Waterfront Heritage Site, and a tax receipt will be issued if requested.

The exhibit will open (when COVID-19 subsides) and will be up throughout the summer.

To submit photos, please send us high-resolution images, with your name and subject.

To submit “hard-copy” for the gallery please let us know as wall space is limited and we will arrange for pick up once things return to normal.

Thanks for supporting natural heritage,