Climate Change Examined POSTPONED

Climate changing. Photo courtesy of NASA Marshall Space Flight

Climate Change Examined. A ‘Historically Speaking” series talk to be presented by Dr. Quentin Goodbody at the Ladysmith Museum, Saturday, April 4, 2020, at 2 pm at the Ladysmith Museum has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 threat. A new date will be announced.

In the words of the great ballplayer Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be”.

This talk examines the earth’s history of climate change and its causes in light of current global warming, featuring a focus on the present and future effects on Canada’s historic sites.

“The earth’s atmosphere is warming while the debate as to causes is red hot” comments Goodbody.

He goes on to comment that  while information on Carbon Dioxide concentrations and atmospheric warming is readily and fairly clearly accessible, rhetoric and ‘agenda’ on the internet and the media make it hard to get a straight answer to questions such as “How normal is the current Global Warming trend?”, “Is Global Warming man-induced”, “What is causing it?”; “Is CO2 good or bad?”; “Can we fix it?”

Goodbody says that preparing the talk was prompted by a personal need to better understand the arguments for and against the extent to which man’s activities are inducing global warming. He uses his geological background to put current Global Warming in the context of earth history, reviewing the causes of natural climate change before man’s industrial activities began affecting the environment.

“It is important to realize that Climate Change is a normal process on our dynamic Earth, governed by a number of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial factors,” says Goodbody.

“It is also important to understand that man’s activities are having a significant effect on our environment, and that there evidence that these effects are contributing to climate change. This is an enormous and complex subject, with significant implications for society and the biosphere. We hear about international intent to limit warming through The Paris Accord, but how many of us have a clear idea of what this accord is and how we are performing against our commitments?”

Come listen to how the wisdom of Yogi Berra relates to this important subject.

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The Ladysmith & District Historical Society’s “Historically Speaking” series is grounded in early history. While the presentations often feature archival photos and stories from the past, the topics are relevant to our community today. Our goal is to present information that today’s community will find thought-provoking and useful. These talks are free because there should never be a barrier to education. Donations and volunteers are appreciated.