Ladysmith Mayors

Ladysmith's First Town Council
Ladysmith’s First Town Council 1904-05 Above back: John Stewart, Jim O’Connel, Mr. Haworth Above front: Mr. Beveridge, Dan Nicholson, Mayor Coburn, Mr. Matherson, Mr. Blair
Current Ladysmith Town Council. Tricia McKay, Jeff Virtanen, Duck Paterson, Mayor Aaron Stone, Marsh Stevens, Amanda Jacobson, Rob JohnsonAbove: Joe Friesenhan, Cal Fradin, Steve Arnett, Mayor Stone, Rob Hutchins, Carol Henderson, Don (Duck) Paterson

Since its incorporation in 1904, Ladysmith has had many colourful and remarkable mayors. On June 16, 1904 James Coburn was elected the first mayor. He was a successful businessman, having started the first mill in the area to manufacture timbers for use in Ladysmith and the Extension Mine. At that time Ladysmith was a city and remained so until 1958 when it was downsize to a village.

Mayor Pannell brought us through the First World War and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic Indoor meetings were banned. The Temperance Hotel served as a makeshift hospital.

Mayor Ernest Jameson brought us through the Second World War. He is not to be confused with Frank Jameson in the early 80’s

Kay Grouhel was elected in 1964 and became the first, and only female mayor in our history. She was dubbed “Concrete Kay” as her main goal at the time was the addition of sidewalks to the town.

Rob Hutchins was the longest running mayor.

By the way, our status as a city has been restored, but we still prefer to be called “The Town of Ladysmith”

Biographies compiled by Rick Morgan.

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