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MDA King of Ladysmith talk

If you missed the Thursday, March 18, 2021 6:30-7:30 pm  Historically Speaking series “MDA King of Ladysmith” presented by author Daryl Ashby with guest Cindy Damphousse and Rob Johnson, you will be able to watch it on our YouTube channel. Watch for link coming this weekend.

Map And Clues For BC Family Day Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Hunt

Here is the map for the BC Family Day Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Hunt.

Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Map

Here are the Clues for the BC Family Day Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Hunt.

Clues to the Heritage Treasure Trail

See how many places you can mark on the map. Take a selfie and post it #ladysmithheritage #bcfamilyday


On my walls and in my halls

I tell about our past.

You’re welcome to come in and browse

what lies within this little house.

Come, learn of things which we can save

by changing ways that we behave.


2 _____________________

In honoured memory I stand

with names of those that left this land

to fight for freedom, justice, choice,

and made the greatest sacrifice.


3 _____________________

‘Neath Horton’s where a doughnut crave

is topped off with a beverage,

on shelves the records do not sound,

yet tell the doings of those around

who shaped our place, our lives, our lot

and how this Town its name begot.


4 _____________________

I held them fast, large sailing craft

until they lost me.

Later found, now in the round

in summers warmth

I stand by water’s rushing sound.


Take care, my dears, on your approach

for photos of your visit.

Before you cross look left, look right,

and left again – before you stride,

make sure no cars or trucks or bikes

are coming where you wish to cross

we do not want to suffer loss.

5 ____________________

Almost a hundred (I’m ninety nine),

seen a few concerts in my time.

Red Robinson and other greats

kept kids of the time out dancing late.

I tell you they had quite the sound

on my stage by the Recreation Ground.

I’m owned by flyers, used to train

the youth who wish fly a plane.

Am rented out for crowds to feast

In normal times LaFF here does meet.


  1. ____________________

A line drawn, curved but straight

and all but here marks the break

twixt Canada and the United States


7 ____________________

Once in a tower

I had the power

to signal a train

and change its lane.

Pull that lever, signal make

Engineer, your train must wait.


8 ____________________

A nest of sorts,

but not so high

and used by birds that do not fly.


9 ____________________

I’m called a bull

but have no horns

no hooves, no tail, no ring,

Suspended high upon the spar

I help the cable sing

as donkey strains

the logs to gain

from where, when chopped

they, crashing, dropped.


10 ____________________

Child of auto

Termed an ass

I built bridges

so trains could pass.



11 ____________________

Not that big, but very strong,

pushing, pulling, I crawled along.

My body’s yellow, my tracks are black,

my driver sat on a seat in the back.


This is where you cross Buller Street.

12 ____________________

Now mostly black, with white and brown,

I’m one of the biggest hotels in Town.

If you look closely you will see

two different names that they called me.


13 ____________________

I had no bar, no glass to clink

for I housed ones that did not drink –

that movement, though, now jaded.

A simple wooden building I,

with yellow siding, faded.

In ‘eighteen with the Spanish flu

they used my rooms to heal those who

were breathless, weak and grevious ill

and keep them isolated.



I brought the ore dug ‘neath the mount

that people called Big Sicker

to make the metal in the wires

that lets my lightbulbs flicker.



Two hands have I which people see

and judge to haste or tarry.

They see my name – not of the day-

Hardware and Stationery


16 ____________________Killed while working in a mine

October fifth nineteen hundred and nine.

This loss of life caused awful strife

for fatherless children, husbandless wife.

A dreadful toll on those left behind,

their struggles we should keep in mind.



17 ____________________

Masons built me brick by brick

and meet within my walls.

With square and compass, letter G

and protocols of mystery,

to me all friends I call.



Hotel first, museum later

Moved to here when a coal mine cratered

Built ornate in Annie’s style

with tower, verandahs – quite the pile!

Housed miners gambling, drinking hard

Their meagre money risked by card

A cheater caught and killed by shot

his just deserts do you think he got?

Nugget in name, not worth as much

on a street which saw a ‘real’ gold rush.


19 ____________________

An ancient symbol, I.

Soiled by war, I stand for good

adorning a wall in the neighbourhood.

You’ll have to raise your head to see

for I look down from two storeys.



This is where you cross Roberts Street


20 ____________________

Dated now through flight of time

I was posted here in’69

The story of our Town I told

But now my message is so old

That a heritage piece you now behold.



Pagoda roofed, I sport a name

of creatures who have breath of flame.

My purpose is to bring in who’d

like to eat some eastern food.


22 ____________________

Built for Customs and for Post,

when the nearby harbour played the host

to ships that came from far and near

to tie along the massive pier.

The pier is gone; I’ve changed my task.

I now sell objects of the past.


23 ____________________

I huff and puff but do not move,

I winch with drum and cable.

The logs that recently were downed,

to gather I am able.



Hollowed out from cedar log

by those who’ve lived here ages,

I skirt along with paddle strokes

as I float upon the waves.


25 ____________________

A gun of sorts, but with a barb

to catch the whales for oil.

In Ladysmith I don’t belong

as Moby Dick was rarely in

the waters here, but I, from farther north

-Coal Harbour- used to sally forth.



A space half round

that’s filled with sound

sea and isles as background

to lifting music, roaring saws

crowd spellbound or with loud guffaws

as lumber jacks climb poles so tall

and clowns befool before they fall.



A journey’s start, a journey’s end

all VIA train on the E&N

they passed through me and bought a ticket

from my once busy, now silent, wicket.


28 ____________________

With windows red and walls of blue

originally of yellow hue

Built by company called Comox

I used to service trains and trucks

Recently I’ve had my base

made stronger with cement in place

so I’ll be used by local clubs

within the Arts & Heritage Hub.


29 ____________________

On rail I move with arm so high

that stretches upward to the sky

which swung out swiftly t’ward the car

with logs stacked neatly from afar

to push them off into the waves

to float for sorting for the blade.


30 ____________________

I’m huge, heavy and black,

clacked down the track

with smoke from my stack

tender and flat cars at my back

hauling timber from ‘the lakes’

so sawmills could their lumber make.



A little shed for those who bled

and through their work were injured.

Attended quick by skilled medic,

then whisked to where the doctors art

Could fully treat the injured part.



Now on the land, high and dry

A busy little craft was I

who plied the harbor pushing logs

so agile, twisting side to side

to sort them by their species, size.



I float, though I’m not a boat

no sail or engine here

I do not move ‘cept with the tide

I stay beside the pier.


A hub I am for maritime crews

a place where people pay their dues

for tethering while on their cruise

a place to meet, to talk and laugh

with other folks not on their craft.



Starts on BC Family Day Monday, Feb 15 and goes until Sunday,

Feb 28, 2021

Answer key, refreshments & goodies for participants at Ladysmith Community Marina and Ladysmith Museum on Sunday, Feb. 28 from 10 am to 4pm.

For info call 250-245-0423

Supported by the Province of BC

BC Family Day Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Trail

BC Family Day Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Trail


Calling all EXPLORERS young and old; near and far…

The Ladysmith Maritime Society and Ladysmith & District Historical Society are releasing a family-fun Heritage Treasure Trail game on BC Family Day, February 15th at 10:00 am. Due to the snowy conditions, we are extending the time to complete the trail and then join us on Sunday, February 28th.

During the next 2 weeks pick up your free HERITAGE EXPLORER MAP, STICK-ON DECAL & TRAIL CLUES from the Ladysmith Museum, the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce or the Community Marina or follow the clues and map posted online. Explorers are encouraged to take a photo or selfie at the site to share on social media #bcfamilyday and #heritageladysmith. There will be 33 plus features to find.

The trail starts at the Ladysmith Museum (721 First Avenue) and goes through the downtown core and to the Transfer Beach harbour area, where it ends at the Ladysmith Community Marina (611 Oyster Bay Drive). Participants are invited to complete as much of the map as they can during the next 2 weeks, and bring it with them on Sunday, February 28th to the Ladysmith Community Marina, where Explorers will receive a goodie bag and a free copy of the book “Ladysmith 100 years”.

Ladysmith Museum
Ladysmith Museum

Everyone can warm up with a hot beverage on the docks and see a display of heritage wooden boats restored by LMS volunteers. Heritage slide shows and videos will be available all week on both society’s Facebook and websites to entertain and educate. Put on your “EXPLORER” hat and join the fun!

For info call Ladysmith Museum at 250-245-0423.

To minimize risk and promote the continued safety of all, please wear your mask and practice social distancing at all times.

BC Family Day Heritage Treasure Trail

The Ladysmith Maritime Society and Ladysmith & District Historical Society are presenting a family-fun Heritage Treasure Trail game on BC Family Day, Monday, Feb 15, 2021. The outdoor game will introduce families and individuals to heritage features around Ladysmith. The Heritage Treasure Trail route map and Heritage Explorer decal are being printed. Rhymed clues, released the morning of Family Day, will identify the heritage features. Once found, participants are encouraged to take a photo or selfie at the site to share on social media #BCFamilyDay​ #heritageladysmith. There will be 32 features to find with clues located sequentially at the sites. The trail goes through the downtown core and to the harbour area, where it ends at the Ladysmith Community Marina. Do all of the trail or just part of it. Participants can warm up at the Ladysmith Community Marina’s Welcome Centre with a hot beverage and pick up a participant goodie bag, plus visit the incredible display of heritage wooden boats.

You can download the Official Explorer Decal and Map, or pick one up at the Ladysmith Museum or Ladysmith Community Marina. Remember to check our website and Facebook page for the clues or pick them up at the Ladysmith Museum or Ladysmith Community Marina on the morning of BC Family Day.

Supported by the Province of British Columbia

Heritage slide shows and videos will be available all week on both society’s Facebook and websites to entertain and educate.

Please visit and For details call Ladysmith Museum at 250-245-0423.

Made possible thanks to the support of the B.C. government

Ladysmith Heritage Treasure Map


Magic of the Season returns

Following the success of last year’s Magic of the Season exhibit, it was only natural there be a second chapter. On Nov 24, Magic of the Season Chapter II – Our Tiny Town opened at the Ladysmith Museum. The exhibit continues until Jan 7, coinciding with the Festival of Lights.

Sponsored by the Ladysmith & District Credit Union, here you can embrace the spirit of the season with a child-size approach to fun. This colorful miniatures exhibit has something for all and is guaranteed to delight the young and young at heart. Marvel at the working Ferris wheel., visit the wooden Christmas tree lot, and take your Christmas 2022 photograph in the main “Magic” gallery.

While the kids are having fun, the new gift shop and gallery featuring local arts and crafts are open. The shop has affordable items for kids, (including free sparkly rocks), plus for adults stunning jewelry, home-town painted signs and scarves, exclusive “Christmas in Ladysmith” cards, hand-crafted totes, plus a wide range of quality items made right here in Ladysmith. And don’t forget books on local history. Proceeds from the gift shop support local artists and museum operations including exhibits and acquisitions.

The Ladysmith Museum is operated by the Ladysmith & District Historical Society volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please contact the museum at 250-245-0423 or

The museum is currently open Fridays from noon to 8 pm, Sat & Sun 11-5 pm, and Tues-Thurs 4:30 to 7 pm. Watch for additional openings or call to book a visit outside regular hours.

The LDHS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Town of Ladysmith.

Climate Change Examined POSTPONED

Climate changing. Photo courtesy of NASA Marshall Space Flight

Climate Change Examined. A ‘Historically Speaking” series talk to be presented by Dr. Quentin Goodbody at the Ladysmith Museum, Saturday, April 4, 2020, at 2 pm at the Ladysmith Museum has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 threat. A new date will be announced.

In the words of the great ballplayer Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be”.

This talk examines the earth’s history of climate change and its causes in light of current global warming, featuring a focus on the present and future effects on Canada’s historic sites.

“The earth’s atmosphere is warming while the debate as to causes is red hot” comments Goodbody.

He goes on to comment that  while information on Carbon Dioxide concentrations and atmospheric warming is readily and fairly clearly accessible, rhetoric and ‘agenda’ on the internet and the media make it hard to get a straight answer to questions such as “How normal is the current Global Warming trend?”, “Is Global Warming man-induced”, “What is causing it?”; “Is CO2 good or bad?”; “Can we fix it?”

Goodbody says that preparing the talk was prompted by a personal need to better understand the arguments for and against the extent to which man’s activities are inducing global warming. He uses his geological background to put current Global Warming in the context of earth history, reviewing the causes of natural climate change before man’s industrial activities began affecting the environment.

“It is important to realize that Climate Change is a normal process on our dynamic Earth, governed by a number of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial factors,” says Goodbody.

“It is also important to understand that man’s activities are having a significant effect on our environment, and that there evidence that these effects are contributing to climate change. This is an enormous and complex subject, with significant implications for society and the biosphere. We hear about international intent to limit warming through The Paris Accord, but how many of us have a clear idea of what this accord is and how we are performing against our commitments?”

Come listen to how the wisdom of Yogi Berra relates to this important subject.

If you have any questions phone the Ladysmith Museum at 250-245-0423 and leave a message.

The Ladysmith & District Historical Society’s “Historically Speaking” series is grounded in early history. While the presentations often feature archival photos and stories from the past, the topics are relevant to our community today. Our goal is to present information that today’s community will find thought-provoking and useful. These talks are free because there should never be a barrier to education. Donations and volunteers are appreciated.

Gold, Diamonds, & Ladysmith’s Role in the Second Boer War, March 7, 2020

GOLD, DIAMONDS and Ladysmith’s role in the Second Boer War

It was just 120 years ago that our picturesque town of Ladysmith was officially its name. It was named that because James Dunsmuir founder of the Town had just received word that the British Forces, including Canada, had broken the siege of Ladysmith, South Africa.  The siege had lasted 118  days and the citizens and the trapped troops face constant shelling and lack of food and good water. The fate of the Ladysmith was world news as it was a test of Britain’s military resolve.

Come hear why the war started, come hear about the diamond mines and the goldfield and Ladysmith’s role, presented by Rob Johnson.  Saturday, March 7, at 11 am, at the Ladysmith Museum 741 1st Ave.

Admission is free, donations welcomed.

Ladysmith & History of Fires – Risks & Prevention!

Our “Historically Speaking” series continues with Ladysmith & The History of Fires – Risks & Prevention, presented by Alex Stuart and hosted by Ladysmith Fire Chief Ray Delcourt, on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ladysmith Fire Hall – 810 – Sixth Ave.

A Guardian Fire Shield™ Auto Fire Suppression Unit will be drawn for one successful guest.

Join us for an informative session of the History of Fires in Ladysmith – Related Risks & Prevention. Admission is free, donations are welcomed.

The  Ladysmith & District Historical Society’s “Historically Speaking” series is grounded in early history. While the presentations often feature archival photos and stories from the past, the topics are relevant to our community today. Our goal is to present information that today’s community will find thought-provoking and useful.

New Annual Heritage Award to be presented Feb 20, 2020

The Ladysmith & District Historical Society is pleased to announce that the first Ladysmith Heritage Awards will be presented on Feb 20, 2020, at the Ladysmith Museum in conjunction with the Ladysmith Chamber of commerce’s 90th Anniversary Celebration. Please join us from 5 pm to 7 pm for refreshments and cake. Presentations and awards will be at 6 pm.

Please RSVP to the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce by Feb 18 at 250-245-2112.

The awards are to recognize the businesses, individuals and societies that have played a key role during the year in their actions or initiatives in preserving or promoting local heritage.

The award recipients will be announced during February’s BC Heritage Week.

Anyone can nominate, including nominating themselves, their business or their society. Nominations have been extended to  January 20,  2020. Email:





Website/Social Media

How did this individual, business or non-profit group help to preserve, and/or promote local heritage in Ladysmith and surrounding areas of Saltair and North Oyster?




Nominated by:

Contact info:

BC Family Day & BC Heritage Events

Ladysmith & District Historical Society is partnering with the community to create a memorable Heritage Week.


The activities kick off with B.C. Family Day “A Day to Remember” on Monday, February 17, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Ladysmith Museum. See the new Saltair Quilters exhibit, including their Canada 150 quilt. Play vintage board games, pose for a family portrait, watch Buster Keaton in The General, one of the greatest silent movies ever made, and enjoy free popcorn and drinks thanks to financial support from the government of B.C.


Then on Thursday, February 20, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., drop by and say “Happy Anniversary” to the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, who celebrates 90 years of serving Ladysmith and Area as the “Voice of Business.” Join them for refreshments at the Ladysmith Museum. Speeches and the new Ladysmith Heritage Awards will be presented at 6 p.m. RSVP at or call 250-245-2112.


Saturday, February 22, is a full day of activities. It kicks off with a free historic downtown Ladysmith walking tour by Rob Johnson. Meet at the Metal Collage at 11 a.m (corner of First Ave. and Gatacre). Tour ends at the Ladysmith Museum at noon. Light refreshments served, courtesy of Ladysmith Downtown Business Association.


Then on Saturday, February 22, head over to the waterfront for a day of fun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 614 and 616 Oyster Bay Drive. Visit the Locomotive Shop, the First Aid Shed and the Ladysmith Maritime Society’s Heritage Boat Restoration Shop. Check out the SFN Displays. Visit the Heritage Railyard. Ride a rail hand pump car. The Ladysmith Kinsmen will have hot dogs and refreshments available.

One of the highlights of the event is the century-old restored boxcar that is being transformed into a “Discovery Box Car”  with activities and interactive displays.

These events are brought to you thanks to the support of the Town of Ladysmith, Province of B.C., Ladysmith Maritime Society, Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, Ladysmith Downtown Business Association, TAKE 5 and the Chronicle.