WWII Questionnaire

We (LDHS) are writing a number of articles commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2.
The WW2 soldiers on the Cenotaph will be highlighted. Additionally, we would like to write an article to be about how the war affected Ladysmith and those living here – ie what it was like to live in the town during the war.
If you or someone you know was living in Ladysmith during the war, we have some questions for you but welcome your thoughts/comment if there is anything in particular which you would like to comment on which our questions do not address.
Depending on your preference, we could name you or we can keep it anonymous.
The important thing is that we get information on what it was like in Ladysmith and Vancouver Island / BC during the war.
At what age were you during WW2 (preTeen, teenage, twenties good enough).
How did you first hear that Canada was at war in 1939?
What was it like in Ladysmith during WW2? Was there a different atmosphere in the town before, during and after?
Was there a feeling of patriotism?
Did you feel that the war was ‘real’ and ‘immediate’ –  or was it ‘something going on ‘over there”.
Did your family talk about the war?
How did you catch up on war news – or did you not pay much attention to this?
Did you know people who went off to fight?
How did people contribute to the war effort?
We understand that the air cadets were a big thing in Ladysmith.
Did you know people in the cadets?
Do you know what their training was like?
Did any of them go off to war?
Did you and your family do things differently because of the war?
After Japan’s entry into the war, were you and others in the Town concerned about a Japanese invasion?
Can you remember what was done about staving off a potential Japanese invasion?
Were there goods that you could not get – and were there things that were in short supply?
What sort of celebration was there when the war ended?
Can you suggest other people we might interview about this subject?