Community Record of the COVID-19

The Ladysmith & District Historical Society invites you to  keep a record of these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic that will be used in the future at the Ladysmith Archives.

Please consider keeping a personal or family journal of thoughts, activities and challenges documenting how current safety rules are impacting your life and the lives of those around you. How is this pandemic affecting you and your family?  What are your worries? What gives you hope? How have you been impacted negatively and positively?  How do you think life will change when this over?

This is a unique opportunity for children, parents, grandparents and friends to interact safely and help create a community record during this life-changing event.

We are living in a time that will be remembered in our history.  For a moment, let us consider some of the positive things that come from having time and space. The world has slowed down and we have time to think, be creative, let our environment recover, appreciate nature, help those in need, look after ourselves, catch up on chores and understand how much we enjoy friends, family, events and hugs. 

Please begin your journals: diaries, movies, slide shows, friendship emails, scrap books or drawings today.

When COVID-19 is over, bring a copy to the Ladysmith & District Historical Society Archives as a record of this unprecedented time. We would like to save your historical records today for tomorrow.