2016 Annual General Meeting

The results of  the Election of Board Members for LDHS for 2016-17 are as follows:

Returning to the Board for the upcoming year are Ed Nicholson, President, Rick Morgan, Vice President, Bridget Watson, Treasurer, and Board members Harald Cowie, Shirley Blackstaff and Lil Hardy

The position of Secretary still needs to be filled. Ian Hardy has volunteered to look after the membership records in the interim.

Shannon McKibbin is a new Board member who will act as Museum Coordinator in place of long time director Maureen Martin who along with Gary Martin, Doris Cross and Isabelle Ouelette are leaving due to other commitments. Their input on the Board will be very much missed.

Board Member Shirley Blackstaff heads up the Industrial Heritage Preservation Committee, a new component of the Society and provided a report on the committee’s plans for the coming year. Work is currently underway to refurbish the old steam locomotive, Engine #11 and other large artefacts and house the engine in the building beside the large blue building on the waterfront.

Those attending the meeting were treated to a fascinating presentation by guest speakers Luke and John Marston, Master Carvers in Coast Salish Art.

Master carver Luke Marston displaying plaque honoring Portuguese Joe and his Coast Salish family.
Master carver John Marston describing one of his creations

Luke Marston created the 14 foot bronze statue Shore to Shore located in Stanley Park which commemorates Portuguese Joe Silvey and his first and second Coast Salish wives, Khaltinaht and Kwatlemaat. Luke is the great great grandson of Portuguese Joe and Kwatlemaat.

John Marston’s work is part of public and private collections world wide including exhibits at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, the Vancouver Airport and Convention Centre. His most significant sculpture inspired by the sharing of culture, traditions and skills is entitled To Share History and is located at the Alcheringa gallery in Victoria.