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Reminiscing with former coal miner, Jack Atkinson circa 1976

Another interview with Jack Atkinson re: Granby Mine, circa April 1984

This is a recording of an interview done with Robert Isaac Dougan on May 4, 1981. The interviewer is Ladysmith Historian, Viola Cull and an unidentified male.

Robert was the younger son of Nathan Paul Dougan, the telegrapher/station agent at the new town of Ladysmith in September, 1900 at the time of the train wreck on the E&N two miles north of town which killed 4 people. Nathan Dougan was blamed for the accident and charged with manslaughter for which he was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment.

The first part of this interview concerns Robert’s recollections of his father’s involvement in the tragedy. Viola Cull mistakenly identifies the young Dunsmuir described in the interview as Alexander Dunsmuir, younger brother to James Dunsmuir. The person mentioned was Robin Dunsmuir, son of James Dunsmuir.

Robert Dougan passed away on November 15, 1997 and is buried in the Dougan Family cemetery at Cobble Hill.

Presentation done by John Gourlay and Ray Knight at the Ladysmith Rotary Club, date unknown.